Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Blasts Samini For 'Unfairly' Using Stonebwoy To Trend

Entertainment Analyst, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has berated legendary reggae/dancehall artiste Samini for making a U-turn to confess he has no problems with Stonebwoy after he had made series of videos condemning the latter and sounding like Stonebwoy is a traitor.

Samini has opened up as to why he ranted on social media about the involvement of Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale in the Asaase radio's much-publicized event dubbed ''Asaase Sound Clash''.

Samini, who is the godfather of Stonebwoy, in a number of videos he posted on his social media handles called his godson an ingrate and wondered why he (Samini) isn't the one to clash with Shatta Wale but Stonebwoy.

He went further to register his displeasure with what he revealed as Shatta Wale being the first to inform him about the Asaase event when it should have been Stonebwoy doing what Shatta Wale did.

The over 12 minutes video saw Samini feeling betrayed and throwing tantrums at Stonebwoy.

'Stonebwoy, you know how me and you dey. I dey expect that this thing wey you people plan that you go link me and tell me say this is wagwan. I don't expect Bandana to be the one that linked me to tell me about it.

''I expect my son, Stonebwoy, to tell Shatta Wale that until he finishes what he started with, he can't come down to his level to come and clash him because it is not his fight. It is not his beef yet. I come from 2003/2004 with you, Bandana, when you did 'Moko Ho' and I did my album with 'Linda' on it. So, how do you then come to clash my son who came out in 2008 or something? And how is that even fair? How is that a fair comparison?''
he fumed.

But in a latest interview on Asaase Radio, Samini disclosed that his rant and raves on social media were just a strategy for him to trend so as he would remain relevant in the showbiz, adding he achieved his aim.

In a publication by, Samini said; “My rants on social media about the clash was to have me trend, and I achieved that. It was my smart way to get involved as well. There is still unfinished business between me and Shatta Wale. I wasn’t surprised to see Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale names come up for the Sound Clash. My longevity in the game is good reason enough to include me in Sound Clash such as this one. I don’t see the reason why anyone would disagree with me on this.

“I don’t see me and Stonebwoy having a ‘head on’ sound clash in a competitive bout because ‘Father & Son’ don’t have to do that, perhaps it would have to be a family vibe sort of with Stonebwoy on the microphone; if anything between me and Stonebwoy on the microphone it will be more like a party clash and not anything so serious. It still remains a family thing between me and Stonebwoy forever. HighGrade Family and Bhim Nation are family forever and I won’t change that narrative.''

Discussing the issue on ''Entertainment Review'' on Peace FM, Arnold Baidoo questioned the logic in Samini's quest to trend by using his godson.

According to him, although it is no news for entertainers to do stuff for trends, it was completely out of place for Samini to have joined the bandwagon asking what was the purpose for his trend.

Arnold also sought to find out what particular achievement did Samini gain from his infamous trend.

He wondered if it is the insults or the backlash he received as a result of his attack on Stonebwoy that makes up his achievement.

This is because, to him, it would have made a lot of sense if the ''My Own'' hitmaker was cooking up something to surprise his fans and Ghanaian music lovers, and so needed such attention.

''Trends or trending is normal when it comes to our showbiz industry. However, the trend or trending process must have a purpose . . . He's claiming that it was strategic for him, good because it must come with a strategy. However, I'm sitting here confused about the achievement because, for me, as I sit here those who have achieved something from this clash and the narrative that surrounded the clash are Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy who have been paid huge monies...

''...So, I'm scratching my head thinking that what is Samini's achievements? Because if you actually follow proceedings after he did his video, what he did was to open himself up for a lot of backlash, insults, disrespect and disregard," 
Arnold posited.