Time To Gather And Pray For Our Marriages — Akua Emelia

Gospel artiste Akua Emelia is worried about the rate at which her colleagues in the Gospel fraternity’s marriages are collapsing and is asking that they gather for a week and pray for their marriages.

According to Akua Emelia, who has been married for nearly 15 years, what is happening to Gospel musicians is a spiritual attack and has to be met with serious prayers.

“Why are our marriages failing when we should be enjoying them? It has been revealed to me through a dream that if we pray to God for our marriages and do the right things, everything will be fine. Achimota Forest or any park will do, we just have to intensify our prayers and be careful with those we call our friends.

“We Gospel musicians take things for granted but it shouldn’t be so. When I heard of Joyce Blessing’s marriage collapsing after Gifty Adorye and Ohemaa Mercy, I realised we really need to wake up and save our marriages. I know a lot of Gospel musicians who are not popular yet but their marriages are on the rocks too,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Asked what she thinks might have accounted for the divorces, Akua Emelia said Gospel musicians, especially the females, confided too much in their friends who ended up stabbing them in the back.
“We say a lot of things to our friends and they are the very people who destroy our marriages. Gifty Adorye said it clearly that friends she trusted were the cause of her first marriage breaking down. I have seen it happen to a lot of my colleague female musicians and it’s about time we shut up about our marital issues,” she said.

Akua Emelia added that marriage was no child’s play and any Gospel musician who joked with it would have herself to blame.

“We need to protect our marriages and fight for them no matter what. We should not allow friends or anyone for that matter to come between us and destroy our marriages,” she said.

Away from marriage, Akua Emelia, who is signed on to Media Excel Productions, is promoting her latest song Famesie, recorded by Shadrack Yawson. She pleads with God to protect and hide His children from enemies in the song.

The artiste told Graphic Showbiz that Gospel musicians in Ghana were not united as she had tried in vain to get some known Gospel musicians to post her flyers on their social media pages.

“I reached out to very popular Gospel musicians I thought could help me but I was turned down. The love is not there, the secular musicians are more united than the Gospel musicians,” she said.

Graphic Showbiz got in touch with Joyce Blessing who said Akua Emelia’s suggestion was good, considering how a number of Gospel musicians’ marriages had failed.
“I used to pray about my marriage but I have intensified it since my divorce happened. It will be a brilliant idea to do that but I think it will not be easy because not every Gospel musician is having issues with their marriages. However, I am for it, I support it 100 per cent,” she said.