Why Ghana Should Address The Western Togoland Issue Now

Take separatists seriously

The ongoing secessionist movement led by the Western Togoland Restoration Front (WTRF) in the Volta Region of Ghana, although considered innocuous by the country’s leadership, has the potential of sowing the seed of destabilization in the region for many years.

If the methods they employ are crude and basic, the success of their calculated attacks on the Ghanaian transportation system and the regional police stations tells the trained eye that these secessionists have a motive and opportunity and if they acquire substantial means, they could destabilize the entire region.

The secessionist narrative designed to feed off the sentiment that the Western Togoland (Volta Region) was an independent state at the time of the 1956 plebiscite can create a lasting divide and be a source of recurring conflict.

In the present moment everyone’s attention is rightly focused on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, most Ghanaians are focused on the upcoming November U.S. presidential elections and December Ghanaian presidential and parliamentary elections.

The views expressed is this article are those of the author, Samuel Adjei, who studied in Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He currently lives in California, US.
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