Under-Fire Aduana CEO Defends Blocking Substitution During League Match

Acting Aduana Stars Chief Executive Kofi Manu has defended his decision to prevent head coach Herbert Addo from effecting a substitution during a league match. He claims his action did not conflict with the Fifa and Ghana FA rules and has promised to repeat it provided that will help the team to win. Manu, a GFA Executive Committee member, jumped from his seat, moved into the Inner perimeter of the Dormaa Park and held substitute Kofi Seidu who was about to replace Joseph Mugri. His action infuriated the league title winning coach and he walking off the field to the dressing room and returned after several minutes of talks from other management members. Manu told a local Radio:� I have heard many people talking about the issue on radio and making comparison to Europe but they should remember here (Ghana) is not Europe.� �Yes we won the league last year under the same coach but in majority of the matches, I had to personally make substitutions and gave the team good pep talks during recess before they could score but all the praises went to the coach for that success.� He added that: �As the CEO, I can�t stand it when my fans are not interested with the substitutions of a coach every week and that is why I prevented that substitution to be effected when the coach fails to listen to technical advice from me. �In Europe a coach will resign for non-performance but this coach is staying due to monthly salary even though he knows he is performing poorly.�