Betway Engages Stakeholders on Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Betway Ghana has organised a workshop in Accra to engage the various stakeholders on how to ensure regulatory compliance in the sports betting industry.

Over 20 participants, made up of representatives from the Gaming Commission, Financial Intelligence Centre, and Cyber Crime Unit- Ghana Police Service attended the compliance workshop.

The workshop created a platform for the various stakeholders to share views and information on, the betting landscape in Ghana, Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Combating Financing Terrorist (CFT) Compliance, and Data Protection Compliance. 

Country Manager – Operations, Magnus Rex Danquah further explained mechanisms in place on the online platform to help control and monitor underage betting, financial risk, and other suspicious activities. He also mentioned that Betway would continue to subject itself to regulatory compliance.

“We have a very experienced and well-diversified risk and fraud team, that’s capable of identifying risk elements from an abuse and money laundering perspective. The risk team executes certain risk and AML reports to identify any risk of Money laundering, such as identifying the customers with little to no wagering. Assessments are performed on those accounts, in order to identify and mitigate any potential money laundering activities that may present itself through the investigation.”

Dr. Gustav Yankson, Director, Cyber Crime Unit (Ghana Police Service) also highlighted his commitment to push a collaborative effort to combat emerging cyber fraud in the Ghanaian gaming industry.

Similar sessions will be held with media and stakeholders in Takoradi and Kumasi in the coming weeks.