Governments Don’t Talk They Act – Sammy Gyamfi Dares Government To Arrest Mahama

Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has dared President Akufo-Addo to release evidence on the Airbus scandal.

Sammy Gyamfi also called for the arrest of NDCC’s presidential candidate, John Mahama if he is culpable in the controversial Airbus scandal.

Speaking at the 19th edition of NDC’s press briefing Friday, he said the Akufo-Addo government has on numerous occasions accused Mr Mahama of being is ‘Government Official one’ in the controversial deal but have not called for any legal action yet.

This, according to him, shows that government has no evidence to support their allegation against the NDC leader, but is only doing so to tarnish his image pit electorates against him in the upcoming elections.

“This matter came months ago, look at the way President Akufo-Addo and the NPP [New Patriotic Party] hates Mr Mahama with passion, do you think if they had evidence that he [Mahama] has taken bribe he will he be contesting this election? Will they have reduced it to press conferences?

“Were you [NPP] elected to talk? Governments don’t talk they act. If you have evidence that John Mahama has done anything wrong in the Airbus scandal then release it and investigate him,” he challenged.

Mr Gyamfi then touted the former President as an incorruptible individual.

According to him, Mr Mahama has held many public office positions and has never had any record of corruption and rot under during his service

He said the NPP is only keen on accusing Mr Mahama of being government official one for their parochial interest.

“His [Mr Mahama] integrity is unassailable, he has been Deputy Minister, Minister, MP for three terms, Vice President and President and not a single evidence has ever been produced by anybody that shows that he has committed a crime or stolen money in any of the public offices that he has served,” he said.