Oheneyere Gifty Anti Writes: There Are No Spare Parts For Limps, Hands...

Dear people,

as you listen to the calls for demonstrations, chaos and violence, please note, life can not be bought anywhere. There are no spare parts for limps, hands etc.

And oh, please really assess and find out about who is asking you to go and cause chaos!!!

I can bet you 100% that their motive is not about your wellbeing or future!! It is about their own selfish and greedy interests!!!

Look beyond your current situation and think about your future!!

Parents, guardians, wives, husbands, friends and loved ones, please talk to your loved ones not to allow themselves to be used to Cause chaos!!!

The children and family of the voices of violence, will never let their loved ones step out to go and cause chaos!!

You know why? Because they cherish them. Cherish yourself too and know there is someone out there who cherishes you too.

This is all we have as a country!!! Let us not destroy it!!

We survived 8 months of electoral litigation in court!!

Your political leaders are very capable of handling the issues!!

Violence and chaos is not the way to go!!

Let us silence the voices of violence and chaos.

One Ghana, one people, one destiny.