I'm Not On Drugs; Don't Judge Me! - Wendy Shay Replies Critics

Singer Wendy Shay has replied critics who have been reading her recent lifestyle and ascribing it to the use of drugs.

According to her, her current transformation is for a purpose.

Wendy Shay is currently seen with many piercings and teeth brace, and some people are worried by her new looks.

Some people have associated her with drugs saying she is into drugs, adding it's having a negative toll on her.

Others fear it might have dire consequences for her. 

But Wendy Shay, in a live Facebook, has addressed the issues emphazing she is not on drugs neither is she depressed but rather she is in a state of being the highest version of herself.

"Depression, it is not in my dictionary and no, I am not on drugs . . . I am not depressed. Actually, as a matter of fact, I am in the best place. Since I was born, I'm in the time that I'm extremely happy. I'm in the time that I have inner peace. I'm in the time I have everything I need as a woman, as an artiste. This is the time I have so much confidence in myself and nobody can take it away from me. This is the time that [you know] I'm being the highest version of myself. You understand and so I love the state that I am in," she explained.

She also asked her fans and Ghanaians not to judge her.

"Don't judge a book by its cover because when I begin to preach God's Word, some people are gonna go back. Don't judge things by the way I look; I do things for a reason," she stressed.

Watch her full address below: