Youth Group Advocates For Professor Delle As National Chairman

A new Convention Peoples Party (CPP) Youth Group, Volunteers for Professor Edmund Delle, has been formed to campaign for him to contest the party�s Chairmanship. Mr James Ehiawey Tetteh-Boawolor, Leader of the group, addressing a press conference in Accra on Monday, said: �Professor Delle is the only qualified member of the CPP who has all the qualities of a good and vibrant leader and can lead the party to achieve victory in Election 2012�. �All members of the group are card bearing members of the CPP and committed to his election as the National Chairman because of his temperament, experience and loyalty to the party,� he added. According to Mr Tetteh-Boawolor, Prof Delle had been sufficiently trained and gained much experience during his tenure as National Chairman and as Nkrumahist, would help the party achieve internal party discipline, unity, mobilise women and the youth, and make the CPP highly visible. He said Professor Delle had done a lot for the party over the years and still had more to bring to the party. �During his tenure the CPP won three seats in Parliament and established party offices in almost all constituencies,� he added. Mr Tetteh-Boawolor pledged the commitment of the group to market Prof. Delle to the delegates for re-election as National Chairman and Leader. He urged the delegates to be critical when electing the next National Chairman and make no mistake about Professor Delle, a Dermatologist and Chief Executive Officer of Rabito Clinic in Accra.