You Don't Love Funny Face More Than Us - Funny Face's Family 'Fights' Kwaku Manu

Family of Comedian Funny Face have vehemently warned actor Kwaku Manu to stay clear off their relative and allow him to undergo his pyschiatric therapy.

The family accuses Kwaku Manu of exploiting Funny Face’s ordeal.

The family addressed in an interview on Peace FM's "Entertainment Review" with host Akwasi Aboagye.

Kwaku Manu has incurred the anger of the family for refusing to heed the instructions of Funny Face's Lawyer.

According to Funny Face's sister, Lydia Boateng, the actor was cautioned by the lawyer not to post on social media their visit to Funny Face at the psychiatric hospital but he threw caution to the wind.

The family further denied Kwaku Manu's claim that he convinced Funny Face's wife Vanessa to visit her baby father with their kids. 

Narrating what actually happened, the family disclosed that the comedian's lawyer arranged for his baby mama to visit him but Kwaku Manu opted to be their chauffeur, which the lawyer agreed.

They expressed shock that the actor, upon visiting Funny Face, decided to go against his lawyer's instructions by recording and posting videos and pictures on social media.

Responding to a telephone interview with Kwaku Manu on the entertainment programme, Lydia Boateng vented her spleen on Kwaku Manu.

"Do you want to tell us that you love Funny Face more than his family? Do you know how he was admitted in the hospital? When you visited him at the hospital, were you able to offer even 10 cedis or 1 cedi for us to use it to buy medicine for him? But you have taken your videos of him and posted on YouTube to reap money off him," the sister fumed. 

Watch full interview below: