Jojo Immanuel-Lawson Releases New Single, “Spirit of Worship-Ghana”

Renowned international gospel artiste, Jojo Immanuel-Lawson, a British/Ghanaian with over 30-years ministry tenure, has released a new single and music video dubbed “Spirit of Worship-Ghana”. His first-ever single track sung fully in Twi, one of the main languages spoken in Ghana – West Africa.

The music and lyrics of this powerful worship song are designed to help usher in a deep, intense spiritual atmosphere. A reflection of the gospel foundations, unique style, depth and unction upon Jojo Immanuel-Lawson, that emanates whenever he sings, leads worship, or speaks; taking the listener into a place of true worship of God.

The “Spirit of Worship-Ghana” song and music video are launched less than a year after the release of Jojo Immanuel-Lawson’s last video “Let There Be”, praying, in light of the global pandemic, for a desperate change in the atmosphere.

Spirit of Worship-Ghana, captures the heart and atmosphere of true worship. A place of total surrender to God, after which one enters into the surreal rest of God that lift us above every challenge.

Speaking about his new single “Spirit of Worship-Ghana”, Jojo Immanuel-Lawson said: “The world is going through unprecedented times and many people are suffering. It’s at times like this that we need to draw ever closer to our unchangeable God in a spirit of true worship.”

The deep and intimate atmosphere of “Spirit of Worship-Ghana” song and music video were recorded by Jojo Immanuel-Lawson in Ghana. As Ghana celebrates it’s independence on 6th March, it is hoped that Ghana and the entire African continent, would be reminded of the need for a return to true worship; the only atmosphere under which the much needed divine intervention, for protection and provision is made available. The “Spirit of Worship-Ghana” reveals the rich historic roots of Ghanaian worship, which for generations formed a cloud of protection over the nation.

Jojo Immanuel-Lawson said: “The beauty of this song is that it transcends the language. Whether or not you understand the words, you can connect with the atmosphere generated by the Spirit of God and enter into a deep worship experience, that will truly honour the Almighty God and transform you.”

The music video of “Spirit of Worship-Ghana” is available to view now on Jojo Immanuel-Lawson’s YouTube Channel, and you can download the track from major platforms such as;  iTunes, Google Play,  Spotify, Amazon music, Deezer, Tidal etc.

Watch his video below: