New Non Gamstop Casinos – Are They a Safe Gambling Alternative?

The United Kingdom has a well-regulated online gambling industry, so why are new non Gamstop casino sites being sought by UK punters on a regular basis?

Web searches for non-UK and non-Gamstop casino sites are on the rise within Britain, revealing a problem with the current state of regulated sites. This can be traced to changes imposed upon UK casino sites by their regulator,  the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). These changes have drastically affected the player experience for the worse.

From enforced delays between spins to restrictions on bonuses, these measures have been introduced to help protect those vulnerable to gambling addiction. But these steps negatively affect all users, pushing more and more punters away from the regulated UKGC casino sites and onto  non Gamstop casinos.

But what exactly is a non Gamstop casino, and would one be right for you? In this article we explore the situation to bring you all the facts, so you can make the decision for yourself.

The Role of the UKGC, Gamstop and Non Gamstop Casinos

 The UKGC licenses and regulates online gambling sites in the UK. It ensures all licensed operators meet high standards of fair play, transparency, and security. It also requires sites to take steps to tackle problem gambling, including a requirement for all licensed operators to sign up to the Gamstop scheme.

Gamstop is a program which allows any UK user to self-exclude themselves from all UK gambling sites in one step. These exclusions are for up to five years and cannot be ended prematurely. They also apply across all UK casino and betting sites – even those which a user has not yet signed up for.

There's no question that Gamstop provides a key service and has helped many people over the years. Some of the other measures introduced recently by the UKGC, however, make gambling at UK sites much less appealing. Limits on wagers, bonuses and deposits, and the deliberate slowing down or 'spoiling' of the gameplay experience, are among steps taken to try and protect gambling addicts.

Yet these steps make the experience worse across the board, for many users. The unintended result is that many UK customers are now gambling at non-UKGC casino sites. And crucially, these sites are not signed up to the Gamstop scheme.

How do Casinos Not on Gamstop Work?

It's no coincidence that the rise of new non Gamstop casinos has occurred alongside the introduction of these new 'spoiling' measures. These sites do not adhere to the Gamstop scheme, allowing any UK customers to create an account and play even if they are serving a current Gamstop ban. We wouldn't recommend that, but it's easy to see why they appeal to UK punters looking for a fun casino experience.

A gambling site not on Gamstop may still be fully licensed, just by a different regulator: for example, in Curacao. This should help address any concerns about security or fair play, while a glance at the games available at these sites makes a good case for giving them a try.

New non Gamstop casinos often feature an enormous range of different games, including live casino tables with options for different currencies and languages. With their wide international audience, non Gamstop casinos cater well to different tastes. You may well find some unusual and fun casino games or slots you would not have come across at a 'bog standard' UK gambling site.

It's also common to find non Gamstop sites offering a choice of less traditional payment methods, sometimes including cryptocurrency, alongside more established options such as credit cards.

But we'd bet that what really keeps the punters coming back to UK casinos not on Gamstop is the total lack of UKGC restrictions on bonus amounts, deposits and stakes. Not to mention the lack of game-breaking 'spoiler' measures intended to slow down or hamper your gameplay.

The Legality of UK Gambling Sites Not on Gamstop

 Given the UKGC's heavy handed approach to regulation, you might think that using a new non Gamstop casino site in the UK would be illegal. However, this is certainly not the case.

 It is perfectly legal for UK gamblers to take their business to a casino not on Gamstop. Any attempts to criminalise this in future are likely to fail: the UK does not have a strong appetite for internet censorship or the restriction of personal freedoms.

Where the law does get involved is at the level of marketing. Without a UKGC licence, a non Gamstop casino or betting site is not permitted to advertise or market to UK punters. This is why, despite the wide variety of non-UK casino sites available online, you are unlikely to have heard of many of them.

So, the fact you may be unfamiliar with the brand is not a reflection on the casino itself, but simply shows that it is following the rules the UKGC has set out.

Yet without the overhead costs of a string of High Street betting shops, a costly UKGC licence, and expensive ad campaigns, non Gamstop casinos are often able to offer their punters better value than they'd find at licensed UKGC casinos or bookies.

Are New Non Gamstop Casinos the Right Choice?

Whether or not to try out a non Gamstop casino site is up to the individual, but some people may find the experience more attractive than others.

If an extremely high level of security is key for you, and you don't mind the gameplay restrictions imposed by the UKGC, then you'll probably find that a UKGC-licensed casino site is all you need.

For those with gambling problems, or who are vulnerable to addiction, we would not recommend a non Gamstop casino. In addition to operating outside of the Gamstop scheme, non Gamstop casinos generally do not offer the same  range of responsible gaming tools that you would find at a licensed UK casino. Plus, the lack of 'spoilers' to slow down or hamper gameplay could prove a problem for those who lack self-control, as it allows for faster play.

However, if you have good control of your own behaviour and are actually seeking out the faster play, bigger bonuses, and the greater levels of freedom that come with playing at a non UK site, it may be time to check them out for yourself.

UK Casinos Not on Gamstop vs UK Casinos: At a Glance

Below you will find some key information to help you decide whether non Gamstop casinos could be right for you.

 Non Gamstop Casinos – Pros:


·         Huge game selection, including many not available at UK sites


·         Different payment options available (including cryptocurrencies)


·         No gameplay 'spoilers' like slow slot spin speeds or delays


·         Bigger bonuses and deposits available Non Gamstop Casinos – Cons:


·         Games may not be available in GBP


·         May be missing specific licensed slots games due to rights complications


·         Any dispute resolution would not take place in the UKUKGC-Licensed Casinos – Pros:


·         High standards of transparency and security


·         Will always accept GBP


·         Recognised brands you know, with easy-to-reach customer support and responsive social media


·         Familiar games, brands and names


·         Recognised and trusted regulation within the UKUKGC-Licensed Casinos – Cons:


·         Games feature 'spoilers' designed to slow down and hamper your gameplay experience


·         Limited bonuses, deposits and stakes


·         Payments limited to the most common and traditional methods Conclusion. At the end of the day, the decision on whether to try a new non Gamstop casino is up to you, the customer. When making your decision we recommend being as honest with yourself as you can be about why you would use a non Gamstop casino. If the primary factor for you is availability – for example, you have a Gamstop ban and only non-UK casinos are available to you – then we would not suggest you play at a non Gamstop casino. By opting for a Gamstop exclusion, you have already made a vital step in the right direction, so don't undo your good work. If, however, you are simply fed up with the 'spoiler' measures imposed by the UKGC, or are interested in the other games, slots and activities enjoyed by international audiences around the world, then a new non Gamstop casino could be just what you're looking for. Whatever you decide, it's important to have all the facts to hand when making a decision like this, so we'd also recommend checking out online casino reviews to see what other punters think about any site you're considering.