Thomas Partey - The Most Expensive Ghanaian Player Of All The Time

On 5 October 2020, Thomas Partey was transferred from Atlético de Madrid to Arsenal for $59 million and became the richest Football player in Ghana.

English supporters greeted him well with plenty of comments “Welcome to Arsenal”. In an interview with English media, he said that he aims to win The Premier league, having been watching PL since childhood. The article was provided by our friends from dux casino.

“I want to help Arsenal return to where they belong”

Thomas Partey amazingly controls his body, brilliantly looking around, respected by him teammates, likes to shoot from distance, well dribbler, has got composure and stamina what makes him one of the strongest player in Arsenal’s lineup. Also, he looks satisfied on the field, at conferences and in the training center.

But there are also sceptical thoughts that he could become more important like he was for Atlético Madrid. 

Anyway, it’s early to make a final conclusion and let’s make a recap later. I personally think that guys just pick on him because of the tremendous value of the midfielder.

Ghana's player get paid pretty well for a year and no wonder there are many speculations around it. By the way, let’s mention the most expensive transfers for African football players:

Victor Osimhen from Lille to Arsenal
Nicolas Pepe from Lille to Arsenal
Cedric Bakambu from Villareal to Beijing Guoan
Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City to Manchester City
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Leicester City to Manchester City
But the most expensive African football player is Samuel Eto'o Fils from Cameroon who played as a striker for Real Madrid, Mallorka, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Everton, Qatar SC and many more.

Thomas Partey’s recent schedule

At this time Thomas Partey is preparing for a match against Olympiacos. There is behind the scenes on YouTube showing a solid training process in the foggy morning. So far prediction related bets set that Olympiacos will win 2:1.

Thomas Partey’s contract will last for 5 years in total. Let’s see a bit later what he will bring on to classy English football. One thing is out of the question that he is a skilled athlete.