Marital Issues: Ras Mubarak On How He Cried Like A Baby - VIDEO

Ras Mubarak, the Former MP for Kunbungu Constituency, has given detailed account on how he handled his ex wife dumping him.

Ras Mubarak and his estranged wife Rasheeda Adams have trended for the past few days following some domestic violence and gold digging accusations they leveled against each other.

Narrating how he separated with Rasheeda Adams, Ras Mubarak revealed that he wept like a baby in his car after realizing he was indeed alone without a wife.

He told Kofi Adoma that while his colleagues celebrated with their families he had to weep after swearing the oath at the inauguration of Ghana’s 7th Parliament because his wife was gone.

Ras Mubarak described the experience as the most painful ordeal he had to face. Watch the video below.