Church Attacks Guru

Leaders of the James Town Methodist Church in Accra, where Guru shot his recent video ‘Mmaa Kuo’ (Women’s group), have threatened fire on the artiste if he does not stop further play of the video on air. According to the leaders, the artiste stood and used places in the church where he was not supposed to use, making it appear as if he was making mockery of God. Guru, who expected his publicist, Host of the hot gossip show on TV3 to defend him, is fuming with rage because the latter is rather blowing the story in the public domain. According to the Publicist, Babiee Dappah, her job on the hot gossip show is to reveal gossips that are not just mere rumors, but she could not avoid mentioning it on the show despite the fact that she works for the artiste, Guru. “The “Mmaa Kuo” story brought a little confrontation between me and my producers but I had to do it since they claim is my job” Babiee noted. Guru’s ‘Mmaa Kuo’ is on fire, as the church leaders have sent a warning letter to the management team of Guru, Empire entertainment that all TV air plays for ‘Mmaa Kuo’ should be stopped or it will not go too well with both parties. Guru hasn’t spoken much about the matter and when we called him from his hideout, he said his team of experts is working around the clock to get the issue resolved but for the video going off air, I can’t assure the church” he said. Mmaa Kuo is Guru’s latest single coming from his new untitled album and it has won the hearts of many with the concept of correcting the wrongdoings of Christians in around the globe.