ShaQ Express App, The Delivery App That Works

Delivery companies are springing up faster in the country like mobile money agents once did. Almost on a daily basis, one is likely to hear of a new one.

This makes it almost impossible to tell one apart from the other. But amidst the noise and chatter, one company, ShaQ Express, seems to be playing a fine tune.

Earlier this month, the tech-driven courier provider celebrated a monumental milestone of one year in operation.

Amidst fierce competition and entry of international players into the market, ShaQ Express has managed to not only survive but has also grown and expanded their operations and fleet.

The Chief Executive Officer,Anthony Owusu-Ansah attributed the company’s success to its relentless attitude of "always moving forward."

He said the team at ShaQ Express had played a big role in revolutionising delivery service in Ghana by shifting trends from the traditional phone-in methods to booking orders online.

In just a year, the company has contributed enormously to the dynamism in consumer preference as their mobile technology-driven service has facilitated commerce online; be it getting food or having a package delivered to ones doorstep.

The ShaQ Express App provides convenience, which is a huge appeal to the consumers, as it simplifies the process of placing an order. It does this by allowing customers to enjoy a hassle-free service with a click of a button on their smartphones or tablets.

A delivery App that actually works

Delivery service has become a very attractive business venture, with over 300 delivery companies in Accra alone.

With a massive user migration in the industry, we have seen more users opting for smarter integrated options like requesting for the service via a mobile app. Although this seems to be the right way to go, not all the apps provide the convenience it was meant to.
In fact, when one samples delivery companies’ apps, it is highly probably that the ShaQ Express App will check all the boxes, thus standing out as “the Delivery App'' that actually works.


The app is user-friendly with an elegant interface. In a few simple steps you can create an account and place your request easily. The app also provides options for a user to schedule or book trips for later. Impressively, one can get a dispatch rider in 30 seconds after requesting.


Almost every delivery company promises the best services. Some even go as far as embedding those promises in their company names with add-ons like express, speedy or swift. But if one is looking for a courier provider that does not just talk the talk but walks it as well, then ShaQ Express is the first name that should come to mind.