Ian Prukner Shares 5 Valuable Lessons on Life and Business

If you want to accomplish anything in life it comes down to your ability to lead and influence others. Great organizations, companies, and teams are all founded on great leadership. Real estate investor, financial consultant, author, and pastor, Ian Prukner is the prime example of an outstanding leader. He has coached thousands of professionals and people successfully to help them obtain financial independence. As a big believer in making a difference in other people’s lives, Ian Prukner is more than happy to share his top five lessons in leadership and success with both aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners.

People Over Profits 

A company’s best assets are its people so one must invest into training, coaching, and development of their tribe. A good leader inspires others to take action and magnifies the strengths of those around him. Remember, money comes and goes, but a good culture is hard to find. If you truly desire success, you must plant seeds into people and water those seeds consistently for them to grow to their highest potential.

There’s No “I” In Team 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. A leader understands the importance of a cohesive, collected group, all in sync working towards the same goal in a group effort. Never say ‘I’ always see ‘we’ and foster an inclusive work environment if you want everyone to enjoy their share of success. 

Stay Grounded

Your job as a leader is to always ensure every member of your team knows that they can rely on you no matter the circumstance or situation. A true leader brings absolute certainty into a world full of uncertainty. The leader should be like a mountain in any storm and a shoulder to lean upon when the going gets tough. When everyone is pulling in the same direction and knows they can count 100 percent on the man at the helm, success becomes effortless. 

Be Inspired And Inspiring

Find ways to keep your team motivated, inspired, and driven. Think outside of the box, push the envelope and always dream big. When you speak your vision for the organization or team,  keep them enthusiastic for what the future holds and what they can expect from their hard work.

Lead By Example

You must lead yourself, in order to lead others. Leadership is a skill, a tool, that everyone must be develop. If you want to earn the respect of your team, always be prepared to be a leader who is an example to others. Always let your actions do the talking and never ask anything of anyone you aren’t prepared to do yourself. Your example will motivate others to push themselves further and generate further success.