Gennaro Tella Explains How to Make Your Product Stand Out in the Market

Taking your product to the market and strategically positioning it in the exact place where it will attain peak performance isn’t just a science; it’s an art form. To make your product stand out and compete in an already saturated field is no mean feat. It is something that Gennaro Tella specializes in.

The proud Neapolitan and founder of the largest sales company in Italy, Attitude, Tella, has an impressive track record of taking a product and transforming it into a surefire success.

“At Attitude, we have a certain philosophy,” explains Tella. “We don’t believe there is a valid or non-valid product; there are only viable or non-viable strategies to position the products.”

As a philosophy, it has proved to be a winning formula. Multi-nationals have engaged with Attitude for their innovative and dynamic marketing strategies. Combined with Tella’s ability to think quickly, decisively, and outside of the box to solve problems has made Attitude the go-to agency for introducing the public to a product.

Tella says, “I attribute my problem-solving skills to my Neapolitan heritage. As a people, we only believe in solutions, not problems. However, my expertise in marketing comes from years of study and research. At Attitude, we believe in analytic marketing and follow the data-driven model. Unless we have the numbers to support it, no decision is ever made. We don’t take risks; we calculate. We look at the big picture and how the product will fit into the scheme of things. We leave no probability unaccounted for. Our method leaves no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored. Research to us is like a god. We second guess everything and leave nothing to chance. We always deliver.”

It’s this uncompromising and focused approach that has seen Attitude soar to greater heights. Yet Tella insists the essential thing for strategically placing your product in the marketplace is still good old-fashioned hard work.

Gennaro Tella reveals, “The most important things are to know the marketplace, know your audience and engage them. Yet, there are no shortcuts. If you're not prepared to pull your sleeves up and work hard, you’ll fail at the first hurdle.”