Sadio Mane Spends More Than £450,000 To Construct Hospital In His Senegalese Hometown of Bambali

Liverpool star Sadio Mane has once again lived up to his hero status in Senegal by helping to fund the construction of a hospital in his home village of Bambali.

After returning to Senegal for two rounds of international matches against Zambia and Cape Verde earlier this month, Mane met up with the country's president Macky Sall to discuss his project.

Mane sought a contribution of medical personnel for the hospital, in which he provided more than £450,000 for its construction.

'Senegalese international Sadio Mane was received this Thursday by President Macky Sall,' a statement from the presidency of the country read.

'The Liverpool social worker came to exchange with the Head of State on his social actions including the construction of a hospital in Bambali.

'He has requested assistance from the State for medical staff. 

'Senegal's new stadium and the preparation of the national team with the last two friendly matches were also on the exchange menu.'