Looks Can Kill - From Big Boobs To Dry Lips – Your Looks Could Be Warning Signs About Your Health

YOU probably examine your reflection several times a day, but how often do you really look at yourself? We’re not talking about noticing the odd wrinkle, forget dark circles even. No, it turns out that looking a little more closely at your face (and other parts of your body) could prove a life saver.

From your eyes to mouth and even your ankles, how you look could be hiding warning signs about your health. 

GP Dr Rachel Ward tells Fabulous: “There are many subtle signs that you are not well that can be seen on your face.

“Skin colour, eye colour and lip condition are changes that can be an indication of physical and mental health. Our bodies are all unique – from skin blemishes to asymmetrical features – we’re all different.” What’s important is knowing our body, so we can better detect when something has changed.

“It might indicate an underlying problem,” says Dr Ward. “Checking your breasts, testicles and moles regularly for changes is a key example. When it comes to cancer, early detection leads to better outcomes of treatment, so identifying changes early is very beneficial.”

Here, some of the country’s leading medical experts share what to look out for.