Magluv Apologises To Emelia Brobbey For Lying About Her During Hot Fight With Michy – Video

Shatta Wale’s self-acclaimed girlfriend Magdalene Love has come back to her senses and apologised to Emelia Brobbey and Becca for defaming them.

Magluv, as she’s known, has been firing on all cylinders in recent days after she started a beef with Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale’s mum, of all people!

She insulted Shatta Wale’s mum and called her a witch whilst raining far worse insults on Shatta Michy.

In her haste to take down Michy, she made a lot of unfounded allegations against actress Emelia Brobbey and musician Rebecca Acheampong, popularly known as Becca.

Magluv claimed Emelia Brobbey once had a relationship with Shatta Wale!

It was an obvious and blatant attempt to trend which she did by throwing around those allegations.

With her 15 minutes of fame over, Magdalene has now come out to apologise.

In a lengthy post on her social media pages, she expressed her sincerest apologies to all she tainted in her one-woman crusade against Michy.

She apologised to Emelia Brobbey, Becca and even Shatta Wale’s mother.

“A few weeks ago in my quest to tell my truth after soo many years of silently taking the blame for situations I had no hands in. I unfortunately involved and offended a couple of people.

“So I would like to use this opportunity to render a heartfelt apology to Ms. Emilia Brobbey and Becca. I’m sincerely sorry for involving u in an issue that ordinarily u guys shouldn’t have been involved in. I hv soo much respect for u and the contributions you guys have made to the entertainment industry.” she said.

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