John Dumelo Enrolls His Son in A Canadian Pre-School – Photos

John Dumelo has enrolled his young son John Jnr in school for the first time – and the boy is not in Ghana. Even though he is yet to enter Parliament, John is already a true politician – he has no intention of educating his kids in Ghana.

Dumelo’s precious son cannot join the decayed Ghanaian educational system and end up with low critical thinking skills like the majority of Ghanaians John plans to rule over.

No, he has to get the best education money can buy elsewhere. The politician’s wife, Gifty, has shared photos of herself and her son going to the first day of pre-school in Canada.

John Jnr. has been enrolled in the Garderie A.Kids.Wrld St-Jean School in Quebec. The photos show the semi-excited looking kid all ready for his first foray outside the home.

His mother captioned the photos: “They grow so fast 💙💙💙 …daycare day.”

John Jnr was born October 13th 2018, just five months after his parents got married.

He’s what we call a ‘miracle baby’. Whilst women normally take 9 months to deliver, some Ghanaian celebrities have developed the power to have their wives deliver fully developed babies five, six and seven months after marriage. John Jnr is one of those miracle babies and from the look of things he has a happy life ahead of him.




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