I Invest In My Marriage - Adjetey Anang

The collapse of a number of unions have established the notion that celebrity marriages don’t last but one person who has kept his marriage intact for the past 14 years and counting is actor Adjetey Anang.

Graphic Showbiz caught up with him recently and he was more than willing to share the secrets to his marriage’s success.

“First of all, it is understanding the institution of marriage in itself and in the face of show business where people throw their stuff out there and are not able to invest in their marriages. Coming from a Christian background as well has also aided me in making sure that I keep my marriage intact.

“A lot of guys go for premieres alone as if they were single but I realised that it must go hand in hand, there is no premiere or event I will go to without my wife unless she just can’t make it. That has also helped in creating that bond because she is never left out.

“I think realising the part that marriage plays in my career has been one of the strong areas that has kept me going and of course I am not saying it is a perfect scenario but always making sure that I get better and better over time,” he explained.

Speaking on whether his wife got jealous considering that he had a lot of female admirers, Adjetey said no. “She is not; she has a deeper understanding of my work and my industry and so that definitely is not an area where she is. Before we got married, she was but not when we got married," he stated.

He also disclosed that he got saddened at news of celebrity marriages hitting the rocks. “It’s sad; it is disheartening, it is unfortunate. For me, it is nothing that you want to gloat over and say it has happened to somebody but it can’t happen to me.

“Once it happened to someone, it is a human institution so it can happen to me as well no matter how far you have gone or how many years you have spent together.

“We’ve heard of people who have been married for over 20 years and they are divorcing so for me it is a learning experience for me to keep on investing, cut off all the things that will bring competition into the marriage or bring pain and hurt and keep doing what you are doing right,” he said.

On how he has managed to stay away from controversy, Adjetey said, “Just focusing on what I think my purposes are with respect to what I want to do, what I want to achieve in my career and my profession.

“Beyond the focus, I want to leave a mark; there is an aspect of the industry that many people may not be talking about because there are so many scandals, so many controversies so being able to make sure that there is a contrast for people to talk about our industry, not only about the ills is a kind of legacy that I hope to leave for people to talk about many years to come.”