Trust, 10-Foot Pole et al: Ex-Wife of Ras Mubarak, Rasheeda Adams, Writes...

You see me? I don’t do second chances.
I know it’s what’s expected of us as the fallible humans we are but I do not and will not partake in such behavior.
if I do something bad to you as a friend, why wouldn’t you want to avoid me at all cost so it doesn’t happen again? That’s what I expect of a normal person. Or Do you like pain?
On this Facebook, very few people have actually seen me in person. And that’s because I don’t trust people as far as I can throw them, unless I have reason to. And most people are not very trustworthy.
One time i met someone off of here, invited her into my home and we were generally well acquainted. A few weeks later in a heated Facebook debate she made a ridiculous assertion and added something I’d told her in confidence.
She generally wasn’t that kind of person. But in a bid to win an argument she was losing, she thought she’d use her trump card, only it wasn’t a trump card, not even an A4 sheet. It was a small, Inconsequential piece of information but the mouth diarrhea put me off completely.
I immediately withdrew and have since not met her in person.
Another time, a few years ago, One mad Nigerian woman called Joy came into this city, begged me to help her find a job. Said she was above having a boss or attending interviews but also wanted to be employed and be paid a salary. Ok oo. She’s a woman, she’s smart as a whip, and I wanted to help, so I invited her over. The moment she stepped out of the elevator, The looks she gave me, the questions she asked, the attempts at probing into my life. The unwillingness to believe that all I did was sell houses as opposed to being sponsored by some unseen big man(girls abr3) was all very off putting.
I was getting seriously weird vibes and just knew she was someone I’d never want around me a second time.
When she left, I deleted her number. I just knew she had a screw loose.
Next day she was gyrating all over her wall about how she’d met me and I’d made her feel belittled. Because she couldn’t find the damaging info she came for and I’d instead told her she could come join me to sell houses. she didn’t want hard work like that, she said.
I spent only 30 minutes with her. Realized we were incompatible. Dropped her off, ended there.
And yet those 30 minutes produced like 10 pages of lamentations about me.
Seriously though, The way I can make people write pages about me should be considered a superpower 😂
Second time I cautioned myself from meeting Facebook people in person.
A few months ago when that horrible ex husband of mine was masturbating all over Facebook with the lies he’d managed to concoct because after 4 years of divorce, he’d finally come to the realization that I would never let him touch me again even with a 10-foot pole, a guy I thought was my friend was on the phone asking me if I’d eaten, while hahaing in the comments section of someone who was insulting me. I cut off all ties immediately. Yes, because of one emoji reaction.
You see me, if I don’t care about you, you can do anything you want to me and it’ll bounce off me like water on rocks.
But when I call you friend,
When I’ve invested some of the time I only keep for the most precious people in my life, in you.
When we have sat down together, broken bread together.
And you do me dirty, it’s a one time only opportunity.
You could say, “the person loses nothing if you stop being friends with them”.
Well.... the opposite is also true. I lose nothing if I cut off a thousand people who seek to do me harm.
Giving people chances upon chances to hurt you doesn’t make you resilient, it makes you a masochist. You enjoy your own pain.
Lessons are meant to be learned after the first mistake not after the person’s underlying hatred for you finally comes to fore and you get burned.
And when people don’t succeed in harming you the first time, you think they stop? Noooo. they just go to restrategise on better ways to come and finish you once and for all.
And you , nice, warm, kind, forgiving you, takes them in your loving embrace a second time.
Whereupon they slowly unsheath their knives, and stab you in your angel-wings-sporting, halo-carrying angelic back. 😒
Cut them off now, at the first strike. Because for as long as they’re seen to be close to you, whatever they come out to say about you will be believed.
And the closer your enemies are in proximity to you, the more ‘stab-able’ you are.