My Career Is Not Dead For Amerado To Resurrect It - Obibini

The ‘beef’ between rappers Amerado and Obibini is one that music lovers are enjoying, considering that things have been a bit slow in the industry.

The lyrical battle has been good for both artistes’ brands as they are getting a lot of attention, media interviews among others. In the view of some critics, the big beneficiary has been Obibini, who had not received much attention in his career previously.

And some have given Amerado credit for helping to revive his career but Obibini says such people are wrong because he is one of the dopest rappers to ever emerge in Ghana.

“Anyone who says Amerado resurrected my career does not know what he is talking about. Obibini has been around for long and doing the hard core rap. How can you resurrect someone who is dead for that person to murder you? It just doesn’t make sense,” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently.

According to Obibini, Amerado can bring it on if he thinks he is a better rapper than him. “He released one song and I have released three so far. Tell me who is winning. I am ready for him any day and that is what rappers do, they are not afraid no matter what and I wonder why he chickened out of the’ beef’,” he said.

Asked whether he took advantage of the ‘beef’ and is now trying to hype himself, Obibini said no one will turn down a free lunch offer.

“If someone says he wants to give you lunch, why would you refuse? I was minding my business when Amerado decided to attack me and for a battle rapper, there is no way I would quit for him to think that he is better than me.”

“What at all has Amerado achieved that I have not achieved? I have the hit songs but he does not. Okay I have Ahye Me Ft KiDi? Can he tell me just one hit song he has to his credit, I don’t think he can,” he said.

“It was funny when I saw Nam 1 commenting about organising a concert at Mile 7 for me because of the ‘beef.’ I know my boss has got my back and he knows what I can do. Those who follow Obibini know what I can do and I will not disappoint them,” he said.

The ‘beef’ started when Amerado, Kweku Flick and Yaw Tog had the opportunity to feature on disc jockey Tim Westwood’s show in the UK. Amerado reportedly threw a shot at Obibini which he responded to almost immediately on a single Deceased.

Hours after that, Amerado replied with The Throne and Obibini also shot back with Carcass followed by Anthem.