We Will Resist Any Attempt to Impose Dr. Bawumia On Us - Northern Region NPP

We express our utmost displeasure and anger at attempts by some of the Northern Regional Executives, notably, the Regional Chairman, Regional Secretary, Regional Organizer, among others, to impose Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on us, and any attempt, thereafter, to direct us to endorse him in the upcoming presidential primaries of the great NPP. 

We believe that what the surrogates of Dr Bawumia should be more concerned about are our views, concerns and suggestions made during our delegates conferences regarding the need for changes in some of our Party’s operations in order for the NPP to stay strong, and better serve the interest of the members of the Party and Ghanaians at large.

We are also certainly aware that these Regional Executives who have no regard for the Party’s Presidential Primaries’ Code of Conduct, and collaborating with some Constituency Executives, are championing this course so that they can further attract favour and support from Dr Bawumia for their incoming elections after their wanton display of incompetence has lost them a favour, satisfaction and touch with the members of the party at the grassroots.

The NPP was built on the foundation of Democracy, and our Party Constitution is an embodiment of such, therefore, the actions by the Executives should be investigated, and officers of the Party that have been identified to be championing the IMPOSITION agenda should be sanctioned severely.

We, the Polling Station officers of the Northern region, are open to all aspirants, and would only listen and align to the candidate whom we think would be an antidote to the problems we face, and therefore, shall not give room for Tribal or Regional inclination to breed chaos and factions, mar the contest and negatively influence the outcome of the elections.

We will only deem the candidate who is firm, selfless and has a deep love and strong connection to the tradition of the Party as the best. A candidate who possesses the traits, competencies and commitment to address the problems of the grassroots and break the eight (8)-year jinx is certainly the one we will support.