Bodybuilder Asked Kobe Bryant For $3 Mil To Kill Rape Accuser, FBI Says In New Docs

A bodybuilder sent Kobe Bryant a letter in 2003 offering to kill his rape accuser ... and the guy later asked for $3 MILLION to do the deed -- this according to newly released FBI docs.
The papers -- obtained by TMZ Sports -- were released by feds earlier this month ... and they reveal new details from the '03 case against Patrick Graber.
The docs, in which Graber's name is redacted, show how feds say they got Graber to fess up to attempting to get cash from Bryant in exchange for making his "problem" disappear.
Federal investigators in the docs say Graber -- who they say was a gym rat -- mailed a FedEx letter to Bryant with the offer ... adding that Bryant's team immediately turned it over to local authorities.