Words Of Comfort To A Man Who Comforts Others; Condolence To H. E. Dr. Bawumia

Your excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia,

We woke up the early hours of Monday September 13, 2021 to sad news of the demise of our mum Hajia Mariama Bawumia. Indeed, this news made our hearts to be grieved, and eyes to shed tears but we only say what is pleasing to our Lord.

On my own behalf as a Ghanaian and someone who has been constantly inspired by your high level of diligence, discipline, professionalism, dedication and benevolence, I extend my heartfelt condolences to you and the entire greater Bawumia family on the passing of your mother.

For the countless grieving hearts that you brought happiness to by way of your benevolence and the innumerable tears you have continuously wiped in several households, it becomes practically impossible to find an equal measure of comforting words or actions to ease your pain during this difficult. It is only Allah that we can implore to grant you and the entire family the best form of comfort to ease your pain.

But be it as it may, I am firm in my conviction that your mother's prayers and blessings are all upon you throughout your life and for the task ahead.

Nothing more could make her proud than your act of benevolence to provide comfort to Psalm Ajetefio the very morning mama Hajia passed on whilst you were in grief. A grieving person provide relief for someone in distress. This is a true testimony that mama Hajia trained you upon very strong and admirable qualities. For this, I am very confident that she will receive the good reward of bringing you up upon righteousness.

Please be assured that you have the comforting words of millions of Ghanaians who may not be able to express it to you in writing or words. They appreciate the high level of diligence you attach to your work as Vice President and they would continuously pray for mama to rest peacefully.

Once again accept my condolences and be assured that we are fully by your side and the greater Bawumia family in this difficult moment.

May Allah have mercy upon Hajia Mariama Bawumia... Aameen!

Your mentee
Dr. Issah Imoro
([email protected])