Global Handwashing Day: ‘H’ Stands For Handwashing As Lifebuoy Hosts ‘World’s Largest Classroom’

Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand[1], is celebrating Global Handwashing Day (GHD) by hosting the World’s Largest Virtual Classroom to impart the important lesson of handwashing with soap.

Having already helped over 1 billion people develop better handwashing habits, improve their hygiene, and protect themselves against preventable diseases, this GHD Lifebuoy will launch a hygiene-focused alphabet book.

In 2020, inspired by how children learn their A, B, C’s, Lifebuoy set out on a mission to transform the way the letter H is taught worldwide. The brand launched the “H for Handwashing” multi-year campaign carrying a simple message:  While H is for hat, horse, and hippo…H must also stand for Handwashing!

Since its launch last GHD, the campaign has reached over 11 million children. Lifebuoy has partnered with the education ministries of India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka to ensure workbooks and other educational materials help to engrain effective hygiene habits from an early age.

This GHD, the World’s Largest Virtual Classroom will bring together a panel of experts comprising Rico Hizon, CNN Anchor and broadcast journalist; Roberta Golinkoff, academic and author of over 14 books on early childhood learning; Kajol Devgn, award-winning actress and global handwashing advocate; along with teachers, parents, educators and children from over 30 countries around the world.