Greece Donates Astrazeneca COVID-19 Vaccines To Ghana

The Greece Government on Thursday donated 150,000 doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 to Ghana.

The donation was to compliment Ghana’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic and attain herd immunity.

Mr Nikolaos Dendias, Greece Foreign Minister, who presented the vaccines, said until COVID-19 management resources were shared at the global level, the world might not be able to keep the pandemic under control.

He urged the government of Ghana to ensure that the vaccines were put to good use.

Mr Kwabla Boadu Oku Afari, Chief Director, Ministry of Health, thanked the Greece government for its support to Ghana.

“We are also putting in much efforts to ensure that more people get vaccinated in order to attain herd immunity, and these vaccines will add up to the stock that we have already,” he said.

Mr Afari called on Ghanaians to vaccinate at the various centres to saying, “there are enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone; we all need to get vaccinated to protect ourselves and avoid vaccine wastage.”

Medical experts say vaccines teach the immune system how to create antibodies that protect diseases infections. Vaccines also protect individuals, communities, and entire population.