'Omicron' Coronavirus: We Must Go Back To Enforcing Protocols, Tighten All Restrictions - Prof. Osafo

Senior Psychologist, Professor Joseph Osafo has urged government to revisit the restrictions against the Coronavirus pandemic following the announcement of a new variant named 'Omicron'.

The Omicron coronavirus variant was first detected in South Africa and reportedly spreading fast across other countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.

Countries like the United States have indicated a further travel restrictions to try to seal themselves off.

Speaking on Peace FM's ''Kokrokoo'', Prof. Joseph Osafo described the new variant as horrible and cautioned Ghanaians against it.

According to him, research has proven that this variant is extremely dangerous, so all measures should be taken to prevent it from entering Ghana.

He called for reinforcement of the restrictions that were introduced to check the spread of the Coronavirus saying ''we should go back to our protocols to enforce mask wearing and tighten all the restrictions we have eased. If the government is taking steps to ease some restrictions, maybe we have take a second look at it and be cautious about that. Let's also recheck our regulations at the airport''.

''We don't lose anything in just being cautious. We shouldn't be anxious but we don't lose anything being cautious'', he stressed.