EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Celebs And Partners (Part Two)

Most politicians, musicians, movie stars, radio and TV presenters, soccer stars and other public figures refuse to talk about their marriage and say very little about their private life in a bid to keep their personal life away from the media, perhaps forgetting that their fans and their numerous admirers are always interested in knowing what goes on in their lives. Peacefmonline.com Entertainment Desk has decided to bridge that gap between celebrities and their fans, to bring exclusive photos of various Ghanaian celebrities together with their spouse to celebrate our public figures. The more they try to keep away from the prying lenses of our cameras...just be sure that we will definitely find them. This is the second batch of celebrities with their partners and though there were divergent opinions as to whether some of them qualified to be described as VIPs when the first batch went on-line, we at peacefmonline.com Entertainment Desk will celebrate them as such. Keep reading for more. By the way, "Who is your favorite?" Check out the exclusive photos below: