My Heart Has Not Changed – Agenda ‘Boys’ Fail Woefully As Ari Lennox Bounces Back With A Reassuring Message For Her Fans

Whew, you just can’t catch a break on Twitter!

Sadly, it’s been a tough few days for Ari Lennox, and unfortunately, the details have been unnecessary trivialities.

Recapping briefly, just imagine living in a country that treats you like you are inferior for being black. Then you go to Ghana, get healed from a personal spiritual experience only to receive unprovoked backlash after sharing.

Now, that’s tough. However, it’s likely some closure will finally be brought to this whole Twitter debacle.

Here is why. Hours after Twitter users came to Ari Lennox’s defence after she was called out for sharing about her trip to Ghana, the singer has bounced back to reassure her fans that all is well with her.

Responding to why she deleted her tweets, Ari did not stutter. She responded, “I don’t like being the mod for any type of divisiveness. Honestly, I’m over Twitter.”

In a related event, Chance the Rapper, who is currently in Ghana having a swell time shared a tweet to acknowledge how Ghana has changed his life. This time, the comments were respectful and encouraging.

My heart hasn’t changed. Nobody can take the peace I felt away from me ❤️ I do not like twitter. Or SM rather. So I’m giving my passwords to my label. Hopefully this will last. Love you all and thanks for the kindness😘😘

— Ari Lennox (@AriLennox) January 8, 2022