Make Your Pup a Pet Influencer with Swag from Sassy Woof

Last year, pet owners in the U.S. spent over $100 billion on their pets. In fact, this number has consistently increased in the past three years. As paw-rents continue to care a lot about their furry friends and consider them family, they look for accessories of the best quality. Companies like Sassy Woof are catering to a market that demands a modern approach to style and quality while offering only the best for their fur-babies.

Christine Chang is the founder and CEO of Sassy Woof, a company that creates fun, vibrant and unique accessories for pets with style in mind. "I have two dachshunds, and Sassy Woof was born out of the fun I had styling them," says Christine. "We love to be able to reflect people's and pet's personalities in what we create." 

What started in a basement as a hobby three years ago has today turned into a booming business. Sassy Woof products can be found in over 600 pet boutiques and 1,300 PetSmart throughout the U.S. and Canada. "With the rise of social media, people love to have fun with their pets and get creative with their gear and accessories," states Christine. "Before we came to the market, everything was pretty generic. Sassy Woof treats your pet like a star without breaking the bank."

With unique harnesses and new designs launched regularly, Sassy Woof keeps your pet's wardrobe fresh, turning your pup into a pet influencer. "It's not uncommon to see people set up Instagram pages for their pets," says Christine. "It's a fun way to record your pet's milestones and adventures, and it's a great creative outlet."

Sassy Woof not only provides accessories to everyone's furry family member but it is also committed to helping animals in need. It has partnered with many shelters and donates a meal to Feeding Pets of the Homeless for every harness purchased online. With products that turn any pet into an influencer, Sassy Woof is on the cutting edge of canine fashion.