Despite Difficulties, Gov't Hasn't Defaulted On Paying Salaries - Veep Spokesperson Assures of 'Better Tomorrow'

Spokesperson of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Technical Advisor, Dr. Gideon Boako says Ghanaians should not be despondent over the current situation of Ghana's economy.

According to Dr. Gideion Boako, although the nation is experiencing lots of challenges, it is however not at the verge of collapse.

Speaking on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo', the Veep Spokesperson assured the citizenry saying, "despite the difficulties, the government has never defaulted on salary payments. Despite the difficulties, there is no policy that the government introduced that it says 'I'm turning back on the policy', maybe like Free SHS or anything . . . and I think that is the assurance that this government has offered to the Ghanaian people that it doesn't matter the difficulties, we are still managing the situations".

He asked Ghanaians not to despair stating their condition is far better than other countries.

"Today, every Ghanaian knows that yes, there are challenges but at least he/she gets electricity when he/she goes home. Yes, there are challenges but they don't queue before they buy fuel because it is so disheartening that you have money but can't get fuel. It will be a problem . . . Although there are challenges, I think God has been good to us that, in Ghana, we are not seeing the economic challenges like hunger strike and so forth here. 

"Yes, prices of goods have gone up in the market. Prices of plantain, kenkey, cassava are expensive but the good thing is that the one looking for plantain or cassava gets some and I think that is something good. The fact that there is food availability, then we work towards reducing the prices and making sure that the situation won't deteriorate that a person with money can't buy what he/she must eat. So, there are still [you know] rooms for improvement but I considerably think that things are not so bad," he emphasized.

Dr. Boako added that the government is on track to ensuring a sound recovery of the economy.

"We admit the challenges but we know we are equally capable of facing the challenges," he stated.