“Stop Placing Value On Women Based On Their Vaginas" - Berla Mundi Warns

Seasoned television presenter, Berla Mundi is irate with the prolonged use of gender stereotypes.

Because there is more to feminity than the dominance of their v@gina and marriage, Berla Mundi believes it is past time the narrative be modified in their favor.

In a recent tweet, Berla Mundi claimed that the time period in which marriage is used as a benchmark to assess a woman’s success and happiness belongs to the period of primitivism.

In her view, the value society places on a woman based on her honeypot and marriage is a perverted mentality that needs to end right away and she issued a stern warning against it.

She posted;

“Stop placing value on women based on their vaginas and marriage. Allow women to be! Enough of this warped mentality!!!”