Serwaa Amihere Dragged On Social Media For Putting Her Nose Where It Didn't Belong

Serwaa Amihere has got social media users to descend on her for 'acting insensitively' towards some sexual accusations levelled against a young man by the name of Deezy.

According to a Twitter space conversation held by one KB, some women accused the young man of requesting nude pictures from them while he sent pictures of his penis in return.

This act of his has been tagged ‘chronic’, however, his story came into the limelight when a lady told her story of how Deezy asked her for naked pictures. When she refused, Deezy, according to the alleged victim, blocked her and unblocked her to beg again.

The lady's story was confirmed by another woman on the same Twitter space accusing Deezy of sending her just too many pictures of his penis.

As the story exploded, many social media users shared screenshots of their chats with the said man asking them for naked pictures.

This got TV presenter Serwaa Amihere who knew nothing about the situation to jump in and asked the ladies, why they had to post their chat with the man on the bird application when they could have blocked him.

“Why post this on Twitter though? You could have just blocked him. Simple,” she shared.

This didn't sit well with the many women who were victims and some social media users who jumped in to attack the journalist for sharing such insensitive comments.

A few minutes after Serwaa’s post, she deleted her post and replaced it with an apology saying, “I had no idea there was a conversation on sexual harassment. My apologies to those affected.”