Princess Love Admits To Participating In Threesomes To Make Ray J Happy

Ray J & Princess Love are currently on the road towards divorce again after Ray filed docs back in October. It the third time the couple tried to cancel their marriage. Even though they reconciled twice previously, it seems it's not happening this time.

On the new season of Love & Hip Hop, it looks like fans are going to get some insight into their marital issues as Princess revealed specific things she felt she was forced to deal with being married to Ray J, including having a threesome!
In a promo clip for the new season, Princess revealed she tried threesomes with Ray J to make him happy during their marriage!

“I loved Ray so much, I tried to do the whole threesome thing ‘cause you don’t have to go outside of the relationship. I can be fun too,” she continued saying, “Nothing is ever enough for Ray and I can’t keep sacrificing myself and my sanity trying to be something that I’m not... to make him happy.”