Inlaks Outdoors Ultramodern Hyosung ATMs to Revolutionise Banking

Inlaks, a foremost ICT infrastructure and systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa, and its partner Hyosung TNS have unveiled five ultramodern next-generation Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to revolutionize banking services in Africa. Inlaks unveiled the highly advanced ATMs at its Roadshow-themed Self-Service Innovation Summit, in Accra, Ghana.

The five latest ATMs designed by Hyosung are Monimax 5600ST, Monisafe 500, Monimax 8600T, Manivalue 100, and Monimax 8800.

With advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) components, one of the major features of these ATMs is the mobile contactless solution that enables customers to withdraw cash by simply tapping the ATM NFC reader with the bank-enabled NFC card or smartphone. Such innovation has become highly important in an era of continuous innovation where transactions without physical contact have become necessary.

Addressing participants at the programme, the Chief Executive Officer, Inlaks, Africa Operations, Kyari Bukar, highlighted the need to efficiently address banking customers’ complex and evolving challenges at a low cost.

“Inlaks prioritizes customer needs by offering solutions that improve user experience.  In the process, we reduce cost, maximise efficiency and productivity in service delivery. We will continue to invest in quality services and spearhead innovation for growth, and impact. Through this, we will improve financial inclusion through innovation’’.

The emerging contactless technology and the increasing need for digital banking services have propelled banking to an era of seamless cash withdrawals by customers from ATMs in a much faster, more secure, convenient, and fully contactless manner. Additionally, these ATMs accept and process cash in an online real-time manner which is three times faster and more efficient than a human teller. The event also featured ATM demonstrations by Inlaks Infrastructure Business Unit, Technical engineers who provided insights into the working process of the ATM machines.

During her presentation, Inlaks Country Manager, Yacoba Esther Amuah, enumerated how the company has partnered  the banking sector over the years stating that Inlaks remains focused on core banking, data centre, e-banking solutions, and digital banking tools. She assured financial sector  institutions of efficient nationwide service assistance.

Also speaking, Executive Director Eā€Business & Infrastructure, Inlaks, Tope Dare, pointed out the lessons from COVID-19 by firms that have compelled innovation in various sectors.

‘‘The contactless ATMs introduced by Inlaks and Hyosung exemplify ingenuity. They are a response to challenges that warrant better solutions. We represent prominent brands in the financial services sector, and we are a market leader who have shown efficiency in various markets including Nigeria where we have a 47% market share of ATM support and distribution. We hope to replicate this success in Ghana and more sub-Saharan countries’’.

Providing extensive information about the new ATMs and their features, Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, Hyosung TNS, Kevin Lee, said that Hyosung TNS is present in more than 35 countries and shipped around 760,000 units of ATMs worldwide. He stated that North America is its biggest market, with over 439,689 units of ATMs operational by various banks and financial institutions and successful implementation of Hyosung ATM solutions for client branch transformation, migrating teller transactions, and enhancing customer branch journey.

For over four decades, Hyosung had been a leading provider of financial and retail ATM solutions, including hardware, software, and ATM services. There were also presentations from other key personalities from the banking and financial services industry. UMB Manager for  E-Banking Operations, Dr. Myles Christian Hagan, spoke about the Digital Wave in the Banking Sector, while the Chief Information Officer of Access Bank, Mr. Emmanuel Morka, addressed Current Industry Challenges with Cash Management. Chief Operating Officer of UBA, Mr. Felix Ugbebor, also tackled the Role of ATM Operations inbbrand Transformation.

About Inlaks

Inlaks is a leading systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa. With operations in Nigeria, Ghana, East Africa and other Sub-Saharan African regions, the company partners with leading OEMs in the technology industry to provide world-class information technology solutions that exceed the needs of its customers. 

Over the years, Inlaks has built a reputation as the foremost ICT and Infrastructure Solutions Provider, helping customers effectively seize new market and service opportunities.

With an impressive customer base that includes several Central Banks in West and East Africa, as well as many other major customers in Nigeria, West Africa, and East African regions, Inlaks has become the dominant Information Technology Company in Africa.

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