“Rest In Peace My Friend” - Herbert Mensah Pays Tribute To Rugby Star Max Brito

Astute sports administrator Herbert Mensah is saddened by the death of his longtime friend Max Brito.
Mr Brito was injured in a World Cup match between Ivory Coast and Tonga some years back and has been fighting for his life since then.
It took the former Kumasi Asante Kotoko Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mensah and his friends to raise funds for Max Brito for his care.
“26 years ago, we put together the Max Brito Rugby/Football Extravaganza to raise money for Max who was seriously injured in a World Cup match between Ivory Coast and Tonga”
“I and friends organised fundraising in Ghana and the UK. The highlight of which was "the last amateur tour" in which some of England's finest met an essentially ex-Springbok 15 in Ghana!”
“I raised $25,000 for Max and later drove to see him in Bordeaux, France where he was in a special hospice. I travelled with Naana, Chester, fareida and Tony (Naidoo)” Mr Mensah said in his heartwarming tribute to his late friend.
According to Mr Herbert Mensah, Max Brito wish before his passing was to never be forgotten – something Mr Mensah promised to ensure.
“I still remember his words to me ... he said to make sure the World does not forget about me” he recalled
Adding that “Within a year or two the SA Springboks visited Max at his hospital and soon after I raised monies for Max to travel to Cape Town to watch England play the Springboks.
“We met in the UK at the 2016 World Cup and Max will always be part of my life. Rest in Peace, my brother.”