How Camera Captured Moment Kwashe Boys Surrounded Meek Mill And Stole His Phone

There have been reports that American rapper Meek Mill lost his phone during the Afrochella Festival which happened yesterday, December 29th, 2022.

Meek Mill has personally taken to his social media platform to announce the loss of his phone during the event and asked that whoever has his it return it.

Coming after that, a controversial video of Meek Mill in the midst of a crowd during the event has surfaced on social media.

The American rapper is seen in the midst of some kwashe boys who were hyping him.

The crowd mobbed around him at the venue, cheered him up, and gave him the usual celebrity welcome.

There was no proper security for him, he just found himself in the midst of the erratic fans. That could probably be the moment he lost his phone.

The person who stole the phone is in this video, that is the assumption of social media users.

Watch the video below;

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