Volvo Sounds From Kwesi Ahwoi - Maxwell Okamafo Addo writes

The volvo sounds from Kwesi Ahwoi has awoken me, from the deep sleep of self-imposed writing exile. I am in exile because of the level of unreasonableness and rapidity of presumptions have even now worsened with the capacity of the social media to sell falsehood and untested information. Like the downpour that lumps the chicken and pigeon together, social media has conjoined folly and wisdom in a marriage of perpetual discomfort.espercially the toast from Kwesi Ahwoi.

In the 1980's growing up in Ajegunle, Nigeria and listening to music from legends like Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti (The greatest and influential African musician of all time) and Daddy Showkey (Lord of the streets), we were inspired to have, preach and stand by our convictions even if it means defending it at the peril of our lives. But as for me, because of the Motto of Late President John Evans Atta-Mills. KNOW THEM BUT DONT LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THEM.I have kept a distance because I know them.After the NDC lost the 2016 elections, late former Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur visited them once or twice.So I know them. I know them and know them well. So I am not surprised about their Volvo Sounds on H.E John Dramani Mahama. Even after the death of Kwesi Amissah-Arthur one of their Allys by name KTQ went ahead and printed an Amissah-Arthur funeral cloth without the permission of the family. I knew him and knew he was already in to make money out of the printing of funeral cloths.The Amissah-Arthur family even issued a disclaimer.I knew the person behind the controversial Amissah-Arthur Cloth.But per the Motto of late Mills I kept quiet.Know them, but don't let them know that you know them.

Their character is like the Volvo which was the most common car used for/as taxis in and around Lagos State, City of Excellence. Sitting in a Volvo meant that your life was at risk. So I don't go near them at all.The Volvo had a unique body works that was a music studio, nothing about the body would assure you of your safety home.Former President John Dramani Mahama knows them and actually knows they are 5 in number. But the most dangerous one is the bile called KTQ.Mahama knows of his "surgical tools So i wonder if not out of carelessness why would JDM allow them close to him.I pity Stan Dogbe the day they will get rid of him.It will be more than Kyinkyinga" or Suya.As for( Adwoa Yankey)Prof Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang I pity her.She must pray so that she can hear their Volvo Sounds in her ears early .
The Volvo in those days also had inscriptions such as OLUWATOBI, ITT, KELEBE etc.

Today, their cup is full because A Volvo that does not emit carbon dioxide is no Volvo, black smoke was the accepted norm. The roads were full of 'man-holes'. When it rained, you will definitely harvest rains. The Volvo had 'leaking-roof'. Their roofs are leaking seriously, and their time is up.

Uncle Kwesis advice to Jane Nana Opuku Agyemang reminds of the Volvo Sounds from Ajegunle. Everything about the Volvo. As our elders say, he who the gods despises, they make 'desperate' (you want me to complete the quote so you go talk say I dey diss am, tofiakwa). When an elder defecates (shits) on himself often, he becomes an object of mockery. That is what is happening to the Champane Diplomat. Maybe this time, he took "Ogogro".on that very day

If these people are indeed the advisors surrounding our beloved Statesman, John Dramani Mahama, then we ought to pray without ceasing. Enough of the Volvo Sounds from Kwesi Ahwoi, the anger of the gods towards him is crystal clear, he needs to be cleansed in the streams of Omi-Akpata by the priest of Sango, the God of steel and thunder.“ Listen to him. Nature can scheme things for ANYTHING TO HAPPEN”. the way Nature schemed for President Atta-Mills to “GIVE WAY” for he John to become President.Be prepared Jane, your Motto.You can also become President one day. We should remember .President John Mahama removed Kwesi as Minister and sent him to South Africa as High Commissioner, removed Ato as GNPC Board Chairman, removed Totobi Quarkyi as NCA Board Chairman, removed Kwame Peprah as SSNIT Board Chairman, did not give Kwamena any post), So maybe this is payback time John will surely “give way to Naana”. Surely The Awhoi/Totobi/Peprah Church Street empire is facing an imminent collapse and extinction from the self-destruct button they pressed in an attempt to let the world know that JM and Jane Naana are puppets who will be controlled by the Cabal JDM be smart. It is the Holy Book that declares that ‘the heart of man is desperately wicked’ The statement from Kwesi Ahwoi smells strongly of drips of bile, infamy and acute show of malignant disloyalty, the type associated with legendary ingrates.

This one too shall pass.