Asiedu-Nketiah Should Resign From The Parliamentary Services Board Over “Killing” Of 3 MPs & Stop The Loose-Talk!

As has become his unilluminating and colourless nuisance-filled stock-in-trade, the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah has decided to once again cast serious spotty slurs around his image.

Being the only National Chairman of any political party in Ghana who throws himself at the media at the least opportunity in order to upstage his General Secretary and other officers, General Mosquito, the loose-talking politician, has planted daggers in his own bed and will be forced to sleep on the daggers.

Running his mouth on the near-banal reason behind the NDC wanting to pull out of the Ejisu by-election, General Mosquito said he was leading the NDC to stay away from the election because of the “killing and murder of 3 NPP MPs”.

According to the loose-talker, the NDC does not see why it should participate in the by-election when the “killers and murderers” of John Kumah have not been apprehended.

Speaking as if he has knowledge of who the “killers and murderers” are and has reported them to the law enforcement agencies, and no action is being taken, Asiedu-Nketiah locked his brain in cells of questionable mental inappropriateness.

With no evidence, the Chairman of the NDC is accusing people of “killing and murder” and dropping the whole NDC into this murky matter which he cannot prove.

In trying to play the “tough guy”, Asiedu-Nketiah blabbed about how if he was still in parliament, he would have stopped Parliamentary Proceedings in protest of the “killing” of 3 NPP MPs – and this is the blab that is compelling me to call his bluff.

Forgetting that he was indicting his own 137 NDC MPs by saying they have compromised themselves by condoning the “killing and murder” of 3 NPP MPs, Mosquito went on to sink himself in his non-amusing circus act of calling the integrity of all the MPs into question and insulting their constituents for keeping such conscienceless MPs in Parliament without question.

It is said that “when you have cotton wool up your backside, do not jump over fire   lest you get eaten up in the inferno”.

Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah, when engaging in his type of extremely nauseating perfidy, forgot that we know that he is serving on the current Parliamentary Services Board (PSB), and is therefore enjoying huge amounts of allowances/perks/benefits from the NPP-led Administration.

If it is not a case of opening his mouth wide just to foul the airwaves for stinking political gain, then the best thing for Asiedu-Nketiah to do, is to resign with immediate effect from the PSB in protest of the “killing and murder of 3 NPP MPs”.

Yes; if Asiedu-Nketiah wants us to take him seriously, he should resign immediately from the PSB to prove that the MPs are weaklings who have no character to act that is why they are quiet about the “killing and murder” of their 3 colleagues.

Instead of his cheap “paah-paah” talk that if he was in Parliament he would have disrupted (I do not know how) Government Business, he should resign from the PSB to create the supposed disaffection he wants created for the Government.

Obviously, talk is cheap, and the interviewer allowed Asiedu-Nketiah to get off the hook after he let loose his tongue.

People like Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah walk around with the wonky mindset that, majority of Ghanaians are not sophisticated in the head and so he can always spew his garbage and get away with it but unfortunately for him, some of us who know him more than he thinks we know him, are now prepared to take him on boldly on issues – that is if he would have the “balls” to debate us.

I have said it time without number that for as long as Asiedu-Nketiah continues to benefit from state largess as the National Chairman of the NDC (he was benefiting when he was General Secretary), I am also going to lead a crusade to encourage myself and NDC members to also approach the State in all appropriate ways if they need any help from the state.

If Asiedu-Nketiah can be shamelessly benefiting from the State, why should the rest of us deny ourselves any appropriate support from the State only because the NPP is in power?

The politics of deceit and deception must stop!!!

While we are allowed to belong to different sides of the political divide, let political leaders not continue to think that the footsoldiers are just a bunch of know-nothings whose existence can be exploited only for perfidious purposes.

Until Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah is man enough to resign from the PSB in protest against the “killing and murder of 3 NPP MPs” as he alleges, he shall continue to remain in the lowest part of my political rankings – as has been the case for a while now.

By the way, did Asiedu-Nketiah not call Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo all kinds of malicious/unprintable names and labeled the former Chairman as a traitor for wisely deciding that the NDC should pull out of a bloody Awawaso-West Wuogon by-election?

So, now that Asiedu-Nketiah is also calling for the NDC to boycott the Ejisu by-election not based on any solid grounds, is it also possible that Asiedu-Nketiah is now the traitor who is selling the by-election for personal gain?

The accusation which is good for the goose is also good for the gander too isn’t it???

Asiedu-Nketiah cannot continue to point accusing fingers at people for no apparent reasons just to score his cheap perfidious political points and think that we shall not also point fingers at him nor ask him very critical questions.

Asiedu-Nketiah, have you sold the Ejisu by-election that is why you are running all over the place spewing thoughtless tosh about boycotting???

I rest my case for today.

Samuel Koku Anyidoho

(Nationalist, Politician, Theologian).