YouTube Not Going To Last As Platform In Nigeria – Kanayo O Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has expressed concerns regarding the proliferation of Nigerian actors and producers on YouTube.

He noted that the prevalent practice of conducting intense one-day shoots among up-and-coming actors on YouTube was detrimental to professionalism and long-term sustainability.

In a video shared on Instagram, Kanayo criticized the trend of charging exorbitant fees for single-day shoots, where actors are expected to complete numerous scenes within a limited timeframe.

He said that such demanding working conditions could affect the health of actors.

Kanayo emphasised the lack of foresight and professionalism among Nigerian actors who prioritise short-term gains over sustainable practices.

Kanayo concluded by stating his belief that YouTube’s presence in Nigeria might diminish if its platform continues to be used in this manner.

He said, ‘’We built Nollywood, brick by brick, block by block but the guys who have besieged YouTube, the actors not the producers, do not have any sense of purpose or process to create a procedure for a lasting videography or creating content.

“Take, for instance, the whole irony of a one-day shoot. It is not sustainable. Some of them now make it so difficult for producers. They tell you a day shoot is N1 million or N1.5 million. It isn’t sustainable.

“Unfortunately, my very high-standing colleague who started this one-day shoot is unfortunately not in good health. Why? I know for everyone who gives you a job, wants it done. They pack you with enough to finish in one day. Thirty scenes, thirty-five scenes.