‘Somewhere In Africa’ is Significant to Africans- Frank Rajah

Award-winning director Frank Rajah Arase has stated that his upcoming movie, ‘Somewhere In Africa’, will be significant to all Africans. The movie, which will be premiered at the National Theatre in Accra on July 30 and recaptures the heinous stories of how some African regimes have been maltreating their citizenry, is a total deviation from the normal love-dominated movies that have been flocking the Ghanaian and African movie markets. Speaking with Beatwaves after the movie’s 30-minutes premiere at the Silverbird Cinema last week Wednesday, the director and writer said, “The message and scenes from the movie were to bring people’s (Africans’) mind to the realization that this is not just a movie but something that is really happening in Accra. It is a wake-up call. The movie is not just to entertain but mirror you and see what is happening; let it reflect on you as [an] African.” The movie tells the story of Yusuf Mumbasa (Majid Michel), who after escaping an assassination attempt by King of Kimbala, captured power via a coup d’état and ordered the killing of all previous government appointees. The minority, including students, went on the streets to demonstrate, but Yusuf would have none of that. The movie stars the crème de la crème of Ghana’s movie industry, with Majid Michel playing a dual role as a journalist and military leader. The rest include actors David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Amornabea Dodoo, Eddie Nartey, Roslyn Ngissah, Martha Ankomah and others. The story has a striking resemblance to Ghana’s political history but Frank Rajah said he researched most African governments before coming up with the script. “The movie is intended to call Africans to return home and put themselves together and help build the United State of Africa that we all yearn for and leave peacefully as well as build a future for African children,” he added. Watch Trailer below: