Prudential Bank Introduces �Transaction Alert Service�

Prudential Bank Limited has introduced a new transaction alert service as part of the Bank�s strategy of modernising electronic banking services to increase its delivery channels, aimed at updating customers on their account information. The Transaction Alert Service, christened alertWise, is a three-in-one technology solution which employs the use of e-mail and a mobile phone which allows customers to receive notifications through short messaging service and electronic mail anytime a transaction of interest occurs on their account. Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance and Administration of Prudential Bank, Mr. J. Okai Afranie, said the objective of the new product is to �keep customers abreast with their account information, giving them further convenience and also allowing them to make informed decisions�. Mr. Afranie added that the product, which is applicable to all currencies, corporate, enterprise and individuals, is also aimed at preventing fraud, and help customers to query their accounts, by way of contacting their branch managers at all time. The Prudential Bank alertWise service generates customer�s statements of account periodically through delivery to the customer�s email address, and a notification through the mobile phone SMS on the delivery of the e-statement. The service is programmed to give notifications to customers on cash and cheque withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, cash deposits, other debit or credit transactions on account, and loan repayment reminders. Other notifications include standing orders, new cheque book issued, as well as periodic broadcasts. Head of Electronic Banking of the Bank, Mr. Frank Afari Ankamah, said apart from the product offering benefits by way of updating customers on any activity on their account, it also seeks to reduce the number of times customers visit the Bank or ATM for basic account information. He intimated that the introduction of the alertWise notification service is in fulfillment of the Bank�s commitment to providing new and innovative value-added services to meet the needs of its customers, adding that the product will �improve on customer service to make banking services more convenient and easy for customers�. The new product, which is part of the Bank�s strategy of modernizing electronic banking services, has been decentralised in all 31 branches of the bank nationwide to herald other services such as the introduction of internet banking in August this year, as well as a Visa Master card, all geared towards providing internet banking services to ensure effective service delivery and convenience for clients.