Karen And Wendall Win Big Brother Amplified!

At long last the dust has settled after 90 days. Big Brother Amplified has finally come to an end and the winners have been announced. Obvious winner Karen from Nigeria and Wendall from Zimbabwe have both been announced as the two ultimate winners of Big Brother (Season 6) Amplified. They both won a cash prize of $200,000 each. The game started with an unprecedented 26 housemates. They were divided into the two separate houses “The Heads” and “The Tails”. Housemates were evicted week after week and both houses were later merged. They were evicted until the last week when it was left with the final seven housemates; Karen (Nigeria), Vina (Nigeria), Sharon O (Uganda), Wendall (Zimbabwe), Luclay (South Africa), Hanni (Ethiopia) and Lomwe from (Malawi) who faced the final eviction show on Saturday July 30, 2011. The final eviction show started with a welcome performance by Wizkid and Mohcheda from Nigeria and presenter IK went into the house to interact with the final seven. He first spoke to Lomwe and asked him who was his true love in the house. Lomwe said he put up his feelings to Hanni and left Hanni to decide whiles Hanni said Lomwe was a nice and cool guy. Vina told IK that having been put up for eviction three times and survived was her biggest challenge in the house but she enjoyed herself. IK went down memory lane right from the beginning of Big Brother Amplified were all 26 housemates first entered the house, Busta Rhymes was the guest performance on the first day among other events. All evicted house mates; Kim, Nic, Bhoke, Zeus, Confidence, Bernardina, Alex, Danny, Mumba, Michael, Nkule, Ernest, Millicent, Felicia, Weza, Lotus, Jossy, Miss P and Vimbai were present at the final show to support their fellow housemates. DJ Black from Ghana was the official DJ for the final show and he made his presence felt by playing the right kind of music. A recap of romantic relationships in both the “Heads”: Vimbai and Wendall, Michael and Sharon O, Vina and Lomwe and in the “Tails” house: Alex and Miss P, Alex and Weza, Bhoke and Ernest, Luclay and Weza, Lotus and Danny, Kim and Nic among other "activities", "confrontations" and "fights" during the various "tasks", "party time", "eviction shows", time at the "arena", the "tears" and the "happy moments" were all shown. There was another recap to show when the "Tails" and the "Heads" merged and the reaction of the housemates’ on the said day. Interview sessions with the three housemates who were evicted in the last leg of the show was broadcast beginning with Vimabai who said she entered the game to raise her Modeling Career. Kim said she entered the competition to find herself and meet different people. “The game didn’t changed me it but made me more matured,” Kim said. Millicent said she went in the game because of the fact that winners are always go-getters. “Everybody had a negative perception about me in the "Tails" house and it really broke me down”. She said she really connected with Sharon O, Michael and Karen.