PHOTO: Majid's Wife Shaves Hair

Many years after keeping her hair long, Virna, wife of celebrated Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, has shaved it off and returned to her natural hairstyle. Virna has shaved off her enviable locks and now keeps a short, natural hair which has given her a new look. Last Tuesday, Virna was with her husband and kids at the launch of this year�s Ghana Movie Awards at the Golden Tulip where she also launched her new look to the local paparazzi. NEWS-ONE is yet to find reasons why Virna, who reports say is a maternity clothes designer, shaved her hair. It is however not surprising as Majid�s mum also has the same coif. Virna is the second personality to shave her hair this year after Pascaline Edwards also cut her dreadlocks months ago. In the international circles Britney Spears shaved her hair some years ago when she had an emotional meltdown. Majid�s sweetheart looks younger and smarter in her new coif. She got married to Majid six years ago and they have been blessed with two lovely girls, Keira and Zara. Due to the nature of husband Majid�s job, lots of people argue that she will get competition from various women including actresses who will want to have her man. But so far, it seems their marriage is doing very well. Majid was quoted in several media reports as saying he had not been cheating on his wife. �No, I haven�t. No, I am like a mini god. God won�t let me and I just can�t see myself doing something like that. �the guilt will be too much for me to carry and I know it is just wrong. Maybe it is the way I grew up and the churches that put that fear in me and make me believe I can�t do it,� he said. �I dated only one girl before I married my wife and since then, there has been no one else. We have been together for 11 years now and she is the best thing that can happen to me and the most beautiful woman for me.�