Media Schooled On The Telecom Industry

The Private Newspapers Association of Ghana, (PRINGPAG), has organised a one day seminar on the telecommunication industry and the media for journalist in Accra. The seminar which was on the theme �The Telecommunication Industry in Perspective: History, Overview, and Contemporary Challenges of the Media in Ghana� was to educate and enlighten journalist on the telecom industry. Addressing the gathering, the Minister for Communication, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, said government is still committed at facilitating development in Ghana and will provide the needed platform to rapidly transform the economy into an informative and knowledge based one. In this regard he said, �government will introduce policies aimed at promoting Information Communication Technology, (ICT), services to industries to make companies efficient and improve upon the percentage of local content in their products and services.� He hoped this will help reduce poverty among people, generate high earning employment opportunities and empower the youth. The sector Minister maintained that Mobile Number Portability, (MNP), was introduced to mitigate crime and curtail the growing rate of illegal SIM boxes that was denying government revenue to develop and as well promote competition amongst the mobile service providers. He debunked the notion that a facility for tapping into people�s conversation on mobile phone existed and said, �such an act is unlawful, unconstitutional and illegal. I will quit as Minister of Communication if such a facility existed�, he added. He said government's objective is to remain committed to a knowledge based society to improve efficiency and public services as the key to the future in promoting good governance. On the issue of moving from analogue to digital transmission by June 2015, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu said Ghana�s preparation will ensure that the benefits of migrating from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting which includes services such as high video and audio quality, greater spectrum efficiency on one frequency will be enjoyed by everyone.