Benny Goes Higher! Higher!! Higher!!!

Ghana’s gospel singer, Benny, born Ebenezer Ntre, will be announcing his presence on Ghana’s music scene with the official launch of his award-winning album titled ‘Higher Higher’ on Saturday. The launching ceremony will take place at the Apostolic Church at Kaneshie adjacent the Cocoa Clinic, where Benny will thrill gospel fans with performances. Benny has been in the music scene for a long time but for the past 10 years, he has been staying in the USA where he recorded and released the album earlier this year. Currently, he said, the album was getting attention from gospel music enthusiasts in the USA. Eben’s musical career spans over 20 years. He released his first 10-track gospel album titled ‘Love of Jesus’ in Nigeria and Ghana in the year 1982. Prior to that, he had played with major bands as Sappers Band, Golden Tulip Band with actress Rama Brew, and Anigye Band, among other top bands in Ghana and Nigeria. He started singing at a tender age in the church. After his technical training at the Kotobabi Technical institute, the man, whole hails from the Ashanti Region, decided to pursue a full time career in music, so he began playing with the above-mentioned bands. Subsequently, he managed to travel to Nigeria in the late 70s to ply his trade there. While there, he played with top stars as Charley Boy, Mike Ocre and other popular Nigerian stars. He also prepared his first 10-track album there. He returned to Ghana in 1982 to promote it but it did not make the impact he wanted. Later, he formed the group Friends with the late John K. He was also part of the group that established Village Communications, producers of ‘Taxi Driver’ TV series and Fabrija band but he left for the USA just when things started getting better. Working in USA all this while, he has prepared himself musically to meet the challenges of the US market. But he believes God is the better savior to give him his breakthrough. Songs on his upcoming album include ‘God’s Favour’, and ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Higher Higher’. “I titled the album ‘Higher Higher’ because if you have been in the ministry for long, you will realise that we have been trying to lift the Lord’s name higher… so everywhere you are, you have to lift His name higher. That is the reason I came up with that title,” he said. The track, ‘God’s Favour’, has a fusion of Afro-jazz rhythms and talks about God’s favour. “In everything we do, it takes God grace. I don’t think we can do anything without His grace,” he added. ‘King of Kings’ is also a fusion of Jazz-alive to encourage listeners to trust in the Lord and acknowledge him because He is the only one with great direction.